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Analysis of the issues that need to be paid attention to during transportation of color steel plates

Analysis of the issues that need to be paid attention to during transportation of color steel plates

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The following points should be noted during transportation of color steel plates:

1. Selection of vehicles for transporting goods - The appropriate transportation vehicle model should be selected based on the specifications, dimensions, and types of the computer room wall panels. Generally, large specialized trailers are used for transportation.

2. When loading the color steel plate wall panel, the machine room wall panel and accessories should be separated and installed in advance according to the model, type, and other conditions, and should be firmly and stably tied to prevent the metal surface from being worn or scratched.

3. During transportation, the computer room wall panels should be securely and stably tied to the vehicle, and temporary fixing measures such as wooden wedges should be used to avoid loosening and squeezing deformation caused by vehicle shaking, thereby reducing the probability of metal surface wear or scratches.

4. When transporting color steel plates, attention should be paid to whether the height of the transported plates exceeds the length of the trailer, and corresponding measures should be taken to prevent overturning.

Color steel plate

When binding the computer room wall panel onto the vehicle, angle steel or angle iron of the same length should be selected and placed at the corners on both sides of the top computer room wall panel. This can evenly distribute the pressure of the rope binding and prevent pressure concentration from damaging the edges of the computer room wall panel.

If long-distance transportation or poor road conditions occur, it is required that the metal faced machine room wall panels be placed horizontally.

When transporting color steel plates on the dedicated wall of the machine room, the length of the support point of the steel wall panel should not exceed 1.0 meters to ensure that the material will not deform or wear.

If there are wall panels exceeding 2 meters, pick out the corresponding panels and tie them together at the rear to avoid damaging the wall panel of the machine room due to excessive deflection caused by wave vibration at the rear of the car.

When transporting color steel plates, both ends should be lifted simultaneously to avoid damaging the surface oxide film or coating.

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