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Multi color steel plate

Multi color steel plate

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Guang'an Colored Steel Tile

Installation steps of color steel plate:

1. First excavate the trench, then make the foundation. There are brick foundations and of course, there are concrete foundations, all of which depend on the on-site situation. Afterwards, there will be the installation of the steel framework for the activity room. If it is a multi story building, the prefabricated floor slab will be installed first, and then the color steel plate will be installed. After the completion of the first floor, install doors and windows, and then proceed with interior decoration.

2. The color steel plate activity room is similar to building a building, first leveling the surrounding and partition foundation. It is recommended to use reinforced concrete, which is relatively sturdy. Then erect columns, connect the framework with transverse beams, and install partitions, exterior panels, and door and window frames; Follow the laying of the floor and install another layer upwards. Then install the roof truss and roof panel; Then install doors and windows, pull vertical supports, and then sanitary ware, small hardware, and so on.

3. The concealed engineering of the color steel plate activity room refers to the parts that will be covered up by the next process after the previous process is completed during the construction process, and cannot be inspected after all are completed. When it comes to home decoration, "hidden engineering" is the key. If the "hidden engineering" is not done well, the surface decoration is no matter how beautiful it is. Concealed engineering "is divided into water installation, electrical installation, moisture-proof, waterproof and other projects, each of which cannot be ignored. If any link goes wrong, it may cause serious economic losses. Even causing harm to personal safety.

4Guang'an color steel plateAfter the completion of the activity room, it should be ensured that the roof and walls are flat, and the ridge, gable, and lower end of the wall are in a straight line; Each flashing component is in a straight line; Whether each connecting piece is in a straight line vertically and horizontally; The longitudinal overlap of the color board structure is in a straight line, and the seams between the boards are in a straight line, and are perpendicular or parallel to the relevant axes; The color of the color board should be consistent, without pollution, and the damaged areas should be repaired in a timely manner; Ensure that the connectors are tight and free from looseness, and that the board surface is not dented by the fasteners; The surface of the color board is free from wrinkles and incorrect punching

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