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What should I pay attention to when selecting and installing soundproof glass?

What should I pay attention to when selecting and installing soundproof glass?

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At present, there are many products making soundproof glass on the market, and I'm confused about how to choose? Now the editor will bring you the key points and precautions for choosing soundproof glass: soundproof glass is a magical glass, different from ordinary glass. It looks thicker and heavier in appearance than ordinary glass, and it is composed of multiple layers of special glass. There is also a soundproof filler (soundproof film) between each layer, and its use is greatly different from ordinary glass, Ordinary glass only serves as a seal and decoration, while soundproof glass not only serves the purpose of ordinary glass, but also serves as a soundproof material. Not only that, but Yijing soundproof glass also has excellent anti-theft and UV light transmittance. It can effectively block noise outside the glass, reducing the harm caused by noise to the human body and its impact on work and life. Nowadays, more and more units and households are choosing to install soundproof glass in buildings to reduce the impact of noise. So, what are the things we need to pay attention to when choosing and installing this soundproof product?

1、 When choosing, attention should be paid to purchasing from legitimate enterprises, and it is important not to make arbitrary purchases due to low prices. These low-priced glass may lack relevant department testing, and therefore may not meet the standards.

2、 Before buying, it is necessary to compare clearly, but if you really feel that there is no difference in appearance, you need the merchant to guarantee that after installation, a professional decibel meter will be used to test the effect of 35 ± 2 decibels, and a contract will be signed to guarantee it, (A suitable living environment should not exceed 45 decibels and should not be lower than 15 decibels. According to the hearing of ordinary people, 0-20 decibels are very quiet and almost imperceptible. 20-40 decibels are quiet, as if whispering softly. 40-60 decibels are generally. Ordinary indoor conversations at 60-70 decibels are noisy and damaging to the nerves. 70-90 decibels are very noisy and nerve cells are damaged. The noise at 90-100 decibels intensifies and hearing is damaged. 100-120 decibels are unbearable and can temporarily cause deafness after one minute.)

3、 And when choosing, it is also necessary to choose appropriate noise blocking glass based on factors such as one's residence location and noise decibels. Only after referring to these data can the glass selected be truly suitable; When choosing glass, it is also important to choose legitimate products with three guarantees to ensure that the manufacturer can conduct timely testing and maintenance in case of problems.

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