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  • [ Color Steel Tile Information ] Installation steps of Guang'an color steel plate

    Installation steps for Guang'an color steel plate: 1. First excavate the groove, then make the foundation. There are brick foundations, and of course, there are concrete foundations, all of which depend on the on-site situation. Afterwards, there will be the installation of the steel framework for the activity room. If it is a multi story building, the prefabricated floor slab will be installed first, and then the color steel plate will be installed. After the completion of the first floor, install doors and windows, and then proceed with interior decoration. 2. Colored steel plate activity room and construction
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  • [ Color Steel Tile Information ] Guang'an Color Steel Plate Manufacturers Share the Characteristics of Color Steel Sandwich Panels

    Guang'an color steel plate manufacturer shares the characteristics of color steel sandwich panels. 1. The color steel plate in the computer room is composed of 0.6mm hot-dip galvanized steel plate and 12mm fireproof gypsum interior board. The top coat of the computer room color steel plate is a hardened multi polyester coating, which contains conductive components. By increasing the conductivity coefficient and reducing the electrostatic load, the surface resistance value is 105-8? Charge weakening for less than 1 second; adopt
    Published on August 18, 2020 Hits: 122

  • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Relevant installation methods for Guang'an color steel plate

    Steps/Methods for Installation of Guang'an Color Steel Plate 1. Setting out: Set out according to the drawing and on-site measured dimensions (partition centerline), and mark the centerline of the ground rail at the intersection of the two edge centerline and the ground. Ensure that these four lines are in a vertical plane to ensure the verticality of the wall surface for future installation. 2. Sky rail: The installation should be neat, and the interface should be supplemented
    Release time: September 3, 2021 Hits: 219

  • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Material composition of Guang'an color steel plate

    Guang'an Color Steel Plate Material Composition Material Composition (1) Color Steel Plate Surface Material Metal Panels such as Color Coated Steel Plate, Aluminum Alloy Plate, etc. Color coated steel plate framework (II) Core materials of color steel plate can be divided into two categories according to the chemical composition of materials: one is organic foam materials, such as polyurethane styrene foam plastic, urea formaldehyde foam
    Release time: August 9, 2018 Number of clicks: 135

  • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Hoisting and Installation of Guang'an Color Steel Plate

    There are many methods for lifting sandwich panels of color steel plates, such as car crane lifting, tower crane lifting, winch lifting, and manual lifting. A simple method of manual lifting can be used for single-story light steel workshops with low eaves height. For buildings with high eaves in office buildings, a winch can be used to lift them. Since large machinery is not needed, the equipment can be flexibly moved to meet the needs of safety
    Release time: December 20, 2018 Number of clicks: 130

  • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] How to determine the quantity to be used when installing Guang'an color steel plates?

    How to determine the quantity used when installing color steel plates? The Jiaxin Sandwich Tile Business Department in Guang'an District, Guang'an City will analyze the following details: 1. Calculation of Color Steel Plate for Two Sided Sloped Roofs 1. Roof Area: Length × Width 2. Total length of tiles required: Roof area ÷ 0.855 (effective width of tiles is 0.855M/piece) 3. Number of tiles
    Release time: May 10th, 2019 Number of clicks: 78

  • [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Basic characteristics of Guang'an color steel plate

    Guang'an color coated steel plate refers to the color coated steel plate, which is a type of steel plate with organic coating. Color steel plates are divided into single plate, color steel composite plate, floor bearing plate, etc. Widely used on the walls and roofs of large public buildings, public factories, prefabricated houses, and integrated houses. The steel structure factory shares with you the basic characteristics of color steel plates: 1. Light weight: 10-14 kilograms/square meter
    Release time: December 17, 2021 Hits: 189

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